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In my limited experience with them I rate them as decent. This is from a performance junkie's standpoint though, so in my eyes it's worth the extra money to get S03s or Pilot Sports, both of which are excellent in my eyes. Nittos sure kick the crap out of Contis, but don't come close to those other two, or Toyo (from what I hear, never driven on those). The tires seemed very hard and not sticky, and made a bit more road noise than my michelins, but still held the road decently. I didn't push it or anything in corners but in braking I could feel a difference. I'd have to take a more complete drive before giving a real official recommendation.

Overall, yeah, a great tire for the money, but when I get tires, my personal preference is to just go all out... tires are the only thing on your car that actually meets the road, after all, and it's tires that stop the car... pretty important in my opinion.
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