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Originally Posted by ///Mikko View Post
Rig shots are fun
but static is also fun

exif file still intact.

Strobes a lot of them.

5 total strobes. for this one. i need a bigger trunk. lol

tip #1:

adjust the camera to shoot for ambient light (shutter speed), then adjust flash if you want to be a fill or main. use your aperture setting to control the lights. balance is the key.

Remember you need more powerful lights to over come the sun. Also shooting off camera flash (canon will sync upto 1/250) Nikon (1/500). Canon people will have to use more flash power to over come this overexposure problem. Nikon people you are lucky. (only reason why i would swap for a nikon, lol)

During sunny days you can use a ND filter to help drop your shutter speed. Also adding CP filter will drop your shutter speed by 1 full stop. (adjust the right way)
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