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Dont knock the airforce, i've put plenty of time on MSR tampa and i have been in many not so hot places that Iraq can offer , any of the Army guys that have been to BIAP cant look me in the face and say they didnt have top real estate picks there, palace lake??? but dont get me wrong, FOBs are no fun either... been here for 03,04,05,and right now, granted its a lot better than 03-04 mortar and attack wise, thank god! and also keep in mind we got them pretty AF nurses that take care of us when we get hurt- wouldnt want some marine fugly to patch me, haha, but i guess i wouldnt be complaining. we are all eating a big sh!t sandwich, so hats off to us all!
been in 5 years, been deployed here for 23+ months, GETTING OUT!!!

Mad props to all the junior E's that have bimmers, i know what a finacial struggle it is to drive the best!
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