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Originally Posted by rmepilot View Post
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University plus an a$$ load of military aviation courses/training.
Military training doesn't mean ****, if you don't end up with the right attitude.

"This comment excludes service in capacities that necessitate the point of no return."

IMHO, a few bad apples with poor attitudes, make it very difficult for the majority in the service to (EASILY) find jobs.

The difference is a veteran who thinks his service and training awards him executive privilege, and the veteran who ask the civilian side to let him demonstrate his training and knowledge.

Once discharged, either honorably or dishonorably, I believe a servicemens duty is not complete.

The responsibility of a civilian now consists of demonstrating expirience, knowledge, and training. This allows private business and corporations to guage effectiveness of government and military training. It should be important to government, government employees, military members, and civilians that this process remain transparent. Too often artificial incentives dillute this important tool.

I believe that military and government service should be viewed as one of the most honorable carreers in this society.
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