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Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
I have used the PC Advanced Kit and PP&P Bundle #9 on two cars. I'm still leaving some of the deeper scratches that I believe are in the clear coat.

The Maanzerna Intensive Polish doesn't seem to be agressive enough, even with 4 or more passes.

So my question is what would be a better alternative to get at these scratches and then continue on with the steps I have been following? Do I need something other than a PC for these? What are the risks, and how do I keep them low?

I have tried other off-the-shelf polishes and paint cleaners, and they seem to be similar to Intensive Polish in their cutting.

Cutting polishes are designed to help faded, oxidized, swirled and scratched clear coats look significantly better. The cutting polish helps restore a transparent clear coat, which allows for light to pass directly through the clear coat, thus creating a bright reflection with a deep shine. This process is designed to remove an ultra fine layer of clear coat, which mainly evens out high spots. Scratches beneath the clear coat, paint or primer are too deep to be repaired with polishes. Some scratches while still in the clear coat are too deep to be safely buffed out.

I can understand that you would like to get more swirls out but some cannot be removed safely with polishes. You can try a more aggressive polish like the Menzerna Power Gloss and a rotary buffer but they can only buff out slightly deeper scratches. To make sure youíre getting the most out of the PC and the current pad and product combination you have Iíll go over some tips. With the orange cutting pad and the Intensive Polish I would go very slow in multiple directions. The Menzerna line of polishes uses a very small abrasive particle so it takes a little longer to work it in for best results. I typically move the buffer in a 2x2 area at 2 - 3 inches per second (at most) and pass over some areas 6 Ė 10 times, if you really want to buff scratches out. During this application Iíll apply medium pressure to really work the product in and lighten up the pressure as the polish breaks down. Some new users of the PC 7424 take a little time to learn how much pressure is appropriate for best results, but that comes with time. If this combination doesnít work you can try more aggressive polishes and a rotary buffer but that takes more time to learn, with moderately improved results. Your next step may be to have touch up work done if you really want the clear coat to look perfect again. Thank you for posting and I hope some of this information was helpful. Let us know if you have other questions.

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