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Old Bushing removed from control arm:

Old vs. New Control Arms:

Anyways setup the puller on the carrier and it will pull most of the old carrier off and soe rubber will still be attached to the arm. To remove the rest I just stood on the old arm and pulled the carriers off rubber bushing and all, not mess etc... You can however do it the messy way of taking a dremel tool to the ruber and spewing oil everywhere.

Step 7:

Installing the new bushing carriers to arms is simple, just first double check to make sure you have them going on the right way. Once you know for sure lube up the arms and bushing with plenty of grease and press the carrier bushings onto the arms.

Step 8:

Reinstalling the control arms, splash guard, engine brace which is reverse of removal. Make sure you tighten everything down to spec and it is RECCOMMENDED however not neccessary to change out the carrier bushing bolts and engine/frame brace bolts.

Step 9:

Lower Car, install wheels and enjoy your nice stiffer steering. One thing I'd like to make note of is that I did not need an alignment afterwards and the car did seem to have a noticably stiffer steering as I mentioned before. Hopefully these balljoints last longer than 2 years (I hardly drive my car as well barely pushing 60k on the odometer)

I wish I could have installed the urethene bushings as well but things didn't go quite as planned oh well next time I guess

Good Luck and enjoy!

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