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Originally Posted by tuckersmg View Post
Greg, I use my street wheels for track duty with track pads. I have already damaged some spots on the clearcoat and will be using wheel sealant in the future. My question is can I apply the sealant and leave it on for track duty and clean it off when i get home from the track. Thanks Tucker
Good question, I haven't left the wheel sealant on for an extended period of time before removing. I believe you should be able to remove it relatively easy after, might need a little quick detailer to help. However I would be worried that some contaminates from the track would be on the wheel and if you're wiping down the wheel and those contaminates may scratch the wheel if you have a chrome or polished surface. If its a less sensative material like alloy wheels you most likely won't have a problem. Hope this helps, let me know if I answered that thoroughly for you.

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