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Originally Posted by silvergray View Post
Hey Greg,
I posted over at Autopia without much luck. My question is this: I have very minor swirling on my silvergray 325, and I'd like to buff them out with my PC. I will be sealing it with Zaino, but would what you recommend as far as a polish/pad combo? I don't want anything that is horribly agressive on the clear. Maybe ZPC with a polishing pad?

Let me know what you think, and I'll order it from you guys!

stick with Zaino if you're going to top it off with Z2/Z5. ZPC will get rid of swirls with no problem. Zaino sealants are best when applied on bare paint, with nothing on it. Using other non-zaino products for polishing will lead to leftover of somekind, which you need to ged rid of in order to get maximum results from Z2/Z5.
Use it with polishing pad w/ speed 5. And then seal it with your sealant (multi coats if necessary), then top it off with Z8 for that extra pop.

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