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Originally Posted by blksedan View Post
same here and they are shocked that its a '99
That's true as well. I walked out of my gf's house during the summer and saw a middle-age couple walking down the street and stopping at my ride, taking there time walking around it. So I walked out of the house to check to see whats up, and turns out they we're planning to buy a new car.

They asked if i like the car, and said yes of course. After a while, I told them this was a used CPO car with 48,000 miles on it. There jaws dropped and thought it was a 2006 E90. I washed and waxed it just before that, so thats probably why.

But, I recommended them a 5-series instead of a E90 3, partly because the sedan is still not my cup of tea. And since there middle-age, a 5 seem more fitting.
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