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Glad to hear you already have the PC thats the first step, that will help remove the swirls. Even though the swirls are very light you still might need a two step procedure to get the majority out. However we can certainly start with just a one step procedure and a polishing pad as you suggested. You can use the ZPC, this is a nice light cutting polish. I really like the Menzerna Final Polish II. I feel its easy to work with and you get good cutting power to reduce the swirls. They key to getting the swirls out is to move the buffer slow and keep the speed between 5 - 6. You can then use the Zaino to seal after or another sealant. Using a non-zaino polish will not prevent any bonding with a zaino sealant or any other sealant. Using a zaino polish or non-zaino polish will require the same removal of excess product.

With the polish I would use the white lake country polishing pad. This pad is not very aggressive but is strong enough to help the polish buff out swirls. If you apply a sealant after I really like to use the black lake country finishing pad. It evenly distributes the product over the clear coat, which makes removal nice and easy.

I hope this helped answer your question, let me know if you have any questions.

Greg @ Detailed Image

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Hey Greg,
I posted over at Autopia without much luck. My question is this: I have very minor swirling on my silvergray 325, and I'd like to buff them out with my PC. I will be sealing it with Zaino, but would what you recommend as far as a polish/pad combo? I don't want anything that is horribly agressive on the clear. Maybe ZPC with a polishing pad?

Let me know what you think, and I'll order it from you guys!

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