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Originally Posted by dambro24 View Post
i spoke to a peson at tuner motorsports the other day and he told me bmw doesnt "fix" the problem , but cuts the entire cars under belly out. he told me if they do this your car will never be the same. the only way to fix it properly is to reinforce the mounts with thicker steel.

let me know how they fix yours?
if you opted too go to tuner it would be cheaper and done right . will they cover that?
To be clear, the Turner kit can only be applied AFTER a failed mount is repaired. If the mount has torn through, the turner kit will not fix it. They have to repair, ie replace, the torn metal and then apply the turner kit to all four rear mounting points. Turner may be able to do a repair of the torn metal that is less invasive than the full replacement of the rear axle carrier (see the photos of that, and yes they literally cut a huge piece of sheet metal out). I would also trust that Turner could do this as they are particular in their work with allignment. Realize though that there are two things that need to be done, and this will be more than the $1200 cost to install the kit, as they need to fabricate a new mount.
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