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i installed my predator chromiums initially on euro spec right hand drive bixenons and hated them because it took some unusual aiming to get the headlights pointing correctly and every time i drove the car i noticed the angels eyes moved a bit because the top tabs were in contact with the beauty trim and the headlight housing. a few times one of the rings around my projectors actually fell off and it looked like the headlights came from outer space or something....

so i bought a set of north american bixenons, installed the angel eyes, installed the headlights, aimed correctly, and then i opened the headlights again, and put a few dots of 100 % silicon (the clear stuff) on each tab of each angel eye, and finalized their position. they never moved again, but that was partly because i had less aiming to do with the new headlights. other than that i still found that the beauty trim had a sharp wedge in the upper corner @ the projector, which was only hitting the driver's side angel eye. so i grabbed a dremel and shaved it off. and still on re-assembly i did not fully seat the outer upper corners of the beauty trim.

it was a little painful @ first, but now i have reached equalibrium.....
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