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Fuel Filter

I just performed this over the weekend. It wasn't too difficult but I ran into a few unexpected things.

1) I would get 6 new clamps from the dealer before performing this. I have a 02 330CI and my clamps were not bolt shaped they were rounded and could only be removed by a screwdriver and needed pliers to tighten. I bought 4 new clamps and they can be removed/tightened using a 5mm socket.

2) after pulling fuse #54 my car kept starting and would not die, I proceeded anyway.

3) taking the hoses off is not fun, the pictures in the DIY show nice clean lines etc. Living in the northeast = havoc for your undercarraige. The lines meeting the hoses were full of gunk. I took an awl and cleaned where the house met the fuel lines to "break the seal" I removed the hoses from the lines first not the filter. then removed the hoses from the filter when it was off the car.

4) gas kept pouring out of one line from the tank in a pencil thick stream. I expected it to stop but it did not. Anyone else have this problem? So this led to my next issue.

5) I rushed to get the filter back on because the gas kept coming. well not only does it have a front and back, which was obviously correct, it also must be positioned properly on the lines. There is an arrow on both sides of the filter so it looked like It was right. Well my car wouldn't start, I checked the pics and realized I put the filter on upside down.

I then quit for the night and proceeded to kill two 64 ounce growlers from the local brewery to forget my stupidity and my anxiousness about breaking my car.

the next morning I inverted and fuel filter in 15 minutes and it started up first try.

I changed all of my fluids and filters this weekend for inspection II and I don't know if it's placebo but it revs faster and pulls harder.

Thanks to whoever wrote up this DIY in the first place. I've been dreading this for months but Never would have tried it without the pics.
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