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Inspection II

I performed the entire inspection II I bought from Turner Motorsports over the weekend. I've been anxious about it for some time since I started compiling all of these links. Eveything went smoothly following only the information found within the links of this thread.

I had a little fight with the fuel filter, which I updated my experience in the main fuel filter link.

The car seems to rev faster and pull a tad bit harder but that could just be my self satisfaction. I know I saved at least $400-800 this weekend depending on mechanic/dealership.

The redline D4 ATF automatic/manual transmission fluid seems to be really good, the shifts are a lot smoother than they were. There is not a hint of notchiness.

There was also a good amount of metal particles in the old diff and tranny fluid, as would be in any car. Glad to have gotten that out of there.

Thanks to everyone who created all of the original links compiled in this thread and to those who are adding more.

A DIY I think the community could use is a change your waterpump DIY or general coolant system overhall DIY

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