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Originally Posted by thamindzzeye View Post
Hey thanks so much for this thread! I worked on it all of last sunday and I got my car all setup!!

I feel like an idiot for not realizing my car had this capability earlier. All those long months i spend listening to my single CD player now seem foolish!

In case anyone's wondering what I did was i ran 5 cables from my HU.
- 3 wires like white46 said to run the aux audio input
- 2 wires that carry power for my audio player

I found the plug that carried 12v when the car is turned on, and 0v when its turned off , and tapped into that as well as the ground cable. I needed a 5v for my ARCHOS AV700 player, so I used a total of 1.2MOhms of resistance to drop the voltage sufficiently.

Then I ran all the wires left through all my wood trim pieces, and over the dashboard to the middle of my dash where I am going to mount my player.

I can try to get some pics this weekend of what I have in mind, but I got all the wiring down, I just need to work on a custom housing for this honking player now.

Thanks to white, I have a great little project to work on this weekend!!!!

P.S. this forum rocks
Did you have a chance to take any pictures of this?
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