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ok i took this tutorial from the guy named Vendetta0814 wrote this, very helpful tutorial when shooting at night

Originally Posted by robke181 View Post
OK its 2:11 Am September 29 2005 and i am Re-Writing this because alot of people have asked me to fix photos so i figured i'd spend the time to explain more.Well as you know many times you guys take photos at night or under a lamp and your photos come out with a yellowish tint, like 35mm film the camera can not see White.On a film body you would use a grey card cus the camera does not know the grey settings, ( but i'll leave that for another time)ok well i know alot of times you shoot at night especialy with this forum and all the car photography that goes on you guys HATE The yellow tint that parking structors and streetlamps give off. for example i took this photo under the lamp in my room and even tho in my eyes it looks white when i take the photo with my camera it comes out with a yellow tint like so.
Step 1, Take a Photo:

Notice the yellow, its ok but i am anal and it really bugs me.ok now find a pure white piece of paper.. i was too lazy so i picked up a napkin i had laying around from eating with a friend earlier in my room.
Step 2, Take a photo of the white card:

( Forgive me guys but i took this photo last so the white balance was already set!! )Ok i usally do it on manual and dont care if its in focus cus that **** is hard to focus up close, try to get nothing but the whitecard in your photo like such
Step 3, Setting the white balance:Every camera does it different mine i set it to Custom White Balance and then click "Choose Photo" then i chose my White Card :

( once agian notice the yellow tint)this now tricks my camera and tells it that the yellowish tint is WHITEso when i snap my photo after changing the white balance i get this.

Notice the difference in white?i use this with alot of my night shots HOWEVER it is not ALWAYS perfect, sometimes my white light turns blue (some may or may not like the effect)
Here is a side-by-side
this photo was taken by me, the tutorial helped me ALOT

and PLEASE can someone tell me how to make this kind of shot?

where to put the "car rig" ?

P.S. I know that my english is terrible, sorry

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