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Originally Posted by D0n Raja View Post
Most of the time when there are 2 or 3 cars going around 80++ will a cop randomly stop one of them? or in general does he just let the 'train' go by...usually when I'm speeding around 80ish I'll just follow a car infront of me and there ends up being a few of us speeding
I guess it depends on the stretch of road, conditions, how "in control" the speeding drivers seem, and whether or not the cop has something else on his mind or something else to do. I don't forsee a lot of CHP guys letting strings of cars going 80mph get away with it. Typically if there are a string of speeders, you end up getting the last car jsut because it is the most practical, but sometimes getting the first car is the best as you mark "lead vehicle" on the citation which shows the judge that they weren't "going with the flow of traffic" and that should slow down the rest of the group. On the other hand, I've stopped two or more cars at once and cited them all.

Its just too tough of a situational question to have one hypothetical answer...
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