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Originally Posted by silvermachina View Post
Porsche's Tiptronic is a different animal. Especially in the newer models...faster than stick. Eventually BMW will catch up and the newer Step boxes will lag less and less, and pull harder... ie. in 2010 maybe?

Stick is more fun to drive by far though.
Agree wholeheartedly - except with the "stick is more fun to drive by far". Anyone who bashes auto/tip as a slushbox will reconsider after driving any new Porsche that is equipped as such.

You have functionality at the wheel or at the gearbox/shifter - which still brings a big smile to my face when driving a Targa 4S or Cayenne Turbo (which I have added sereval performance mods bringing it to about 530HP) both of which will do sub 5.0 sec 0-60 launches, both auto/tip hmmm - that doesn't sound like fun?

You can make an auto 3 series fun too with some software and performance mods.

Not downplaying the thrill of stick at all - Just defending us automatic peeps
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