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Originally Posted by Kooser View Post
Agree wholeheartedly - except with the "stick is more fun to drive by far". Anyone who bashes auto/tip as a slushbox will reconsider after driving any new Porsche that is equipped as such.

You have functionality at the wheel or at the gearbox/shifter - which still brings a big smile to my face when driving a Targa 4S or Cayenne Turbo (which I have added sereval performance mods bringing it to about 530HP) both of which will do sub 5.0 sec 0-60 launches, both auto/tip hmmm - that doesn't sound like fun?

You can make an auto 3 series fun too with some software and performance mods.

Not downplaying the thrill of stick at all - Just defending us automatic peeps
There is nothing as much fun as driving a big horsepower car with an auto.
Kooser...your Cayenne sounds like a hoot. Is your E-46 Cabrio a Step?
Also, do you still get a kick out of driving the E-46 even though it is way down on power to the Cayenne?
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