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Originally Posted by M3WannaBEE View Post
I have a 02 m3 do I need anything else to get the bt working and how hard is the install
Below are responses to some excellent questions from a potential buyer that I thought were worth sharing and may answer some of your own questions regarding the BMW Bluetooth system.

I have an 2004 Ci vert (actually it's my wife's).

1) It's "ready" for bluetooth, but it doesn't appear to have any of the required parts. Do I just need the parts you have for sale ?
a. Check for a round label on the left underside of the trunk lid to verify the car is wired for a cell phone.
b. You may also need a bluetooth antenna, which installs under the back of the center armrest console. This antenna was already installed on mine but you can pick one up for about $25 if you find it isn't under there.

2) Where does the module and the pairing button get installed? Trunk? Glovebox?
a. The module installs in the trunk behind the left rear seat.
b. The pairing button plugs into a harness under the center armrest console. You can install it into the console but you need a dremel. The module can remember a few phones so you only really use it once to pair the bluetooth phones then forget it. I just stuffed the button assembly back under the cup holders.

3) If a call comes in on her cell phone, what happens in the car.. ie, radio volume goes mute and sound comes thru speakers.. I guess there is a Mic somewhere..
a. Yes, whatever is playing goes mute and the sound comes through the speakers. Press the voice button on the steering wheel or NavRadio or Phone and it answers. On the Vert you should have a mic on the top of the steering column. All others have it next to the front dome/map light.
4) Last, did it work well in the vert with the top down. ?I know in other cars I have owned with a built in phone system, even with a hardtop, the sound and voice exchange were strained. but the last one was probably ten years ago so perhaps the technology has improved.
Definitely works OK with the top down, you may have to lean forward a little toward the mic. Best if you have a wind deflector.
Sorry, but I've never dealt with Bluetooth before, but since she is about to get a bluetooth enabled phone, perhaps this would be a good addition
Best addition I've made!

Thanks in advance....
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