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Originally Posted by Mike@Modbargains View Post
Hey guys, we get a lot of questions about the quality of our CSL wheels, and one of our customers just contacted us to let us know his opinion. Check it out...

"Ever since getting the CSL replica wheel and tire combo, I have been tracking the car VERY heavily. I have gone through 3 sets of tires, and the wheels have been in multiple high and low speed collisions. One impact in particular was at 45mph going into a 6+ inch cement curb and hitting both front wheels at that speed + popping the tires. I am just amazed by the quality of the wheels, they have held up extremely well with all this abuse, and while my stock 16" wheels actually BENT at even slower impacts, these have held up and only show signs of a basic "curb rash" rather than deformation. I went through 3 sets of front wheel bearings and every single front control arm bushing is destroyed, while the rims are not even bent."

I can stand behind this review 100% since I've had the wheels on my own car.

Just to give you guys a heads up, we have both 18" and 19" wheels in stock right now
good to hear that.
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