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Originally Posted by r3v1ls View Post
I just have on question, if I get the rims staggered, will the rear rims have the beveled in effect like the OEM CSL's on the M3's since they are wider? I don't know if I'm explaining it correctly but if you at the M3 CSL's the rears look a bit different than the fronts because they're wider.
i think you're talking about the "concave" effect of having staggered wheels... if you're going to get them in 18inches for non-M fitment you won't be getting the concave effect... it isn't because the rims are staggered in fitment, but because the offset is very close for non-M fitments... ifyou're going to get them in M-fitments... then you might get the concave look... because the rear offset for M-car is a lot lower in comparison to non-M cars.. hope that clears it up...

18 inches staggered non-M fitment

thanks again Mike, Great wheels!!!
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