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Originally Posted by fire_mike View Post
how much do they weigh?
18x8.5 - 24.0 lbs
18x9.5 - 24.4 lbs
19x8.5 - 24.75 lbs
19x9.5 - 25.25 lbs

The above weights are for the silver finish. The hyperblack is a more involved finish with more coats to get the unique look, and weighs slightly more (will have official weights soon)

Originally Posted by wntrcoatblu240
that's good to know..
i bought a set from Mike.. great stuff..
Free bump for you...

Originally Posted by MysticBlau330Ci
I can understand the sentiment. The wheel and tire combo(18inch staggered) is lighter or about the same weight as my stock style 119 wheel tire combo. The wheel is TOUGH and the finish is STILL as good as day 1. (I use wheelwax 2x per yr). I have a little wheel rash though. I am more than impressed with them. And consider the price for all this............damn good deal

If I have ANY complaints about VM or Mike it would be that the BMW decals for the wheel caps BACK THEN did not meet my standards. I never used them and I actually like the look of the VM caps.
Yup all I have on my wheels also is VERY slight curb rash on the front wheel (not the wheel's fault, it's mine for running into a curb haha)

The wheels now use OEM BMW centercaps (can take them off your original wheels) or we include them for $5 per cap

Originally Posted by r3v1ls
Hey Mike, great to hear about the quality of those wheels since it's been on my future mod list and I've been checking those out for quite some time.
I just have on question, if I get the rims staggered, will the rear rims have the beveled in effect like the OEM CSL's on the M3's since they are wider? I don't know if I'm explaining it correctly but if you at the M3 CSL's the rears look a bit different than the fronts because they're wider.
The rear 18x9.5 or 19x9.5 wheels definitely concave in more than the front wheels, giving it a staggered look.

Originally Posted by stolidog
Yup... no complaints. Something banged my rear wheel pretty good and took some of the finish off... there is so much damn road construction around here (and no it wasn't a curb). I've tracked mine, hit all sorts of pot holes and still are good. Now the wheel is sitting in my garage waiting for my paint to dry. I cant wait to finish it up so I can put them back on my car!
Another good review
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