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Originally Posted by ice330ci05 View Post
how are the H&R RSS ???
I've got them. Real bumpy for everyday use. Any sort of a bumpy road and you literally bounce off the seat. It actually is a little bit annoying sometimes, but the fact that when you need the car to handle, there is nothing like it. Super, super firm. NO body roll whatsoever. When I mean NO body roll, I mean ZERO body roll. The car is flat when you do any sort of turns and you especially notice it when you take a corner super quick, the car is FLAT!!! You won't be able to help it but put on the widest grin as soon as you make that quick maneuver!! All this and I have NOT even put on any swaybars as of yet. I have an M3 so I would assume I have thicker swaybars than your regular 3er. This of course helps with the handling that much more. I still have to get sways for my car as of yet. Oh right, on my M3, I have dropped it to as low as I could get it. The bottom of my front bumper is only like 3 inches or so off the ground. Looks real good in the looks department. The back is lowered about 1.5 inches. Wheel is slightly tucked in the front and I have the stock 18's and wheel gap is eliminated in the back though not quite as low as the front.

Hope this helps!!
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