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Originally Posted by Nick@Jlevi SW View Post
Yes, the glare results from the intensity of an HID headlight which is over 3x as bright as a halogen bulb.
HID's, especially in anything other than 4500k are usually only about 3000 lumens, halogens are 1500. Thats simple math, 2x as bright in actual output. The system uses 35w instead of 55w and is 3x as efficient however.

3000k 2800-3000
4500k puts out 3000-3200
6000k 2800-3000
8000k 2400-2800

Will you notice 100 lumens, probably not, will it be measurable....sure.

As far as glare from foglights/highbeams. The glare isn't just a result of light intensity, its a result of the angle that the light hits the fog at.

Fog lights exist because they illuminate the ground from "under" the fog (from the drivers perspective) and the amount of reflected light that will shine back to the drivers eyes is minimized as compared with a higher mounting spot.

More light in any location will lead to more glare -> its common sense. has some great articles on this.

Color has to do with internal reflection in the water, as well as refraction levels with the water, less blue and there is less chance of total internal reflection from the water = less glare.
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