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Originally Posted by Gbimmer View Post
Not really true. Yes, girls will **** guys that are in a similar group of people, but girls will also **** guys that are in a group that they want to be in (ie. sports groupies, frat hoes, etc). I think he's just not portraying himself in a way thats attractive enough to normal girls, and my guess is that its not only failing to find commonalities (which isn't that important if your attractive anyway), but also an inadvertent arrogance coming across as well.

Some girls just dont like guys with alot of stuff...

I've met with girls of both areas. The down to earth girl is happy goin bowling getting a beer and renting a flic from block buster, while Ms.Barbie Doll wants her ass escorted to the finest places at all times just to be able to have a night out. Seriously if he comes across as an arogant shmo hes just going to find girls like that. Personally me, I love the down to earth girl.. and can't stand the other type.
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