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Originally Posted by Gbimmer View Post
That's misleading. Some girls have deep seeded resentment issues, and you simply just can't tell them what you have.

For me, its not about materialism or not. Its about finding a girl that keeps me interested. Barbie doll types tend to be alot more socially experienced, so they can keep up with me better, and we share the same interests. Sheltered hometown girls tend to have alot of insecurity issues and alot of them don't really know how to handle being teased, but they are much easier.
Ill definitly give you that...but then again, you can get the barbie doll girls who put a front(face) to their social experience and really are girls with huge insecurites and even bigger problems then the down to earth girl.

You live about 30 mins from me... so we share the same type of girls.. "NY girls" God help us, they are the most difficult to understand
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