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Originally Posted by BostonModena View Post
I need advice on how to pickup poor wholesome girls...you know the type you see at the grocery store or barnes and nobles. My normal pickup routine doesn't work on them, and I can't seem to carry a solid conversation, because we usually have nothing in common, and I come off as too arrogant. I mean, I have no problem hooking up with international girls, or girls who come from better socioeconomic backgrounds, but for some reason I can't pick up a poor girl. I don't mean like hobo poor, but like the wholesome girls from the midwest who grew up on a farm...that kind of ****... I would imagine those types of girls are low maint. and more loyal, but then again, the grass is always greener on the other side. Thoughts?

"We have nothing in common, and I come off as too arrogant"
No! Really?
Poor, wholesome girls, but not hobo-poor???
This has GOT to be a joke. Nobody is THAT much of an tool...unless your mommy cheated on your daddy with the Snap-On Tool salesman....

You know, it's clueless, elitist, arrogant, egotistic, self-centered people like you - with a monumental sense of entitlement but no empathy gene whatsoever - that give *ssholes like me a bad name. Please do us all a favor and do NOT have offspring.
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