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Originally Posted by babydocjd View Post
sorry dude,that just looks ugly and it seems to be a waste of money and time. you shoulda gone with a double din alpine...that woulda looked clean and sounded better than what you have, plus you would have navi and vid
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I coulnd't care less if you call it ugly, but I can't stand pure ignorance.

Let me give you a little suggestion - how about you check the original date on the thread? There was no double din unit available from alpine when I purchased that combo.

On top of that, it couldn't have sounded any better, by definition, because both the W200 (and even the new W205) and 7996 use a toslink optical out for CD playback into the H700 - so they would have been identical! In fact, the 7996 uses the same transport as the F#1 unit, so it probably sounded BETTER than your suggestion of using a screen.

As I've stated numerous times in this thread already - the point for that setup was sq - not video, nat navi, nothing else. Alpine didn't even have a decent iPod adaptor - it was over TWO YEARS ago!!!

On top of that, the combo isn't even in my car any longer...

Please, do us all a favor and know what you are talking about before opening your mouth - it should cut down on the foot taste in your mouth
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