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Originally Posted by Wickedflava View Post
this is a late post... probably at least 2 years late...
but, that was a dope setup.

let the installer and the owner decide how it looks and SOUNDS!

in this case the cat did a hell of a job (cosmetically and a great choice for the audio components in my opinion) and now he's onto the next steps of his install,

bet your tired of hearing about all this negative bs. let us know the progress of your next install bro, bet it's gonna be badass.

thanks for the kind words - whenever an installer (DIY or otherwise) puts up an install on the web, you open yourself to criticism, constructive or otherwise.

The negative comments don't bother me one bit, there will always be others who have different opinions than I - so it's ok. Personally, I see this as an opportunity for me to learn as an installer an the board to use as a resource.

That source install is the best - BAR NONE - that has ever been in my car and with that said:

1. is it the perfect install?
2. is it the best looking install?
3. is it the right thing to do?

no on all accounts for any one but me, at the time, in my car.

with that said, zapco dc amps are in the car with a factory head, but an all alpine head to amplifier install is probably on the horizon shortly - and of couse install pics will follow as I feel it helps to grow and aid other installers!

Stay tuned!
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