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Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post
There are no significant differences besides the engine (duh.) The biggest tires you can get on the car without major fender modifications is probably 245f 255r, but it really all depends on the width and offset of the wheel. With the right offset, fender modification, and a good set of tires, you can fit 275's in the rear. If you're dropped, the camber increases slightly and it might even be possible to go 285/30/19 in the rear (although nobody has done it yet.)

Honestly though, there are way too many factors that go into it... it depends 100% on your car, wheels, drop, fender mods, brand of tires, and more. For example, on my car with my 19's, I rub every so often with 235's in the rear.
Brakes are smaller too.

And are you rubbing on the inside edge or the outside (fender) edge of the tire. If you are rubbing the fender then its wheel offset, if the chasis, you might try a 3 mm spacer. 235's should absolutely not rub.
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