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Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
I've always wanted to start this thread.... I figure I'll probably get flamed, and some sponsor will call Tim and get me banned or have the thread deleted, but f' it, I’m probably too old to be wasting time on an Internet forum...

I'm just not a fan of angel eyes on e46s... I don’t know why exactly… I just don’t like them… It’s nothing personal to all of you that have. I’m not calling your mommy fat, or saying your car is ugly… Just personal preference… And wondering if there are others besides me out there who feel this way too…

in that case ive always wanted to use those smileys

lol this is random
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Originally Posted by Penguin Koolaid
... where should we all live then

I mean... we've got plenty of parking in the Midwest and South, we've got a place to put all our trash (New York/New Jersey), and we've got a mental institution to put all our narcissists (California). I guess Florida seems ideal.
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