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Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
I'm wondering if there is an age / generational gap.... When you guys vote... state your age...

29, and don't like them.
Originally Posted by The Rock View Post
Age 36, love em, but only on E46s, and only good ones. I've had a set of the earlier generation without the ring covers and backing, and I thought they looked good at the time, but looking back I think they look like crap now. Gotta be good ones with covers, not just CCFL rings.

Don't like any of em on E36s or E90s, and I completely HATE them on X3/X5/etc. I think they look completely stupid on trucks for some reason, but thats just me.

It's nice to see someone who is only in their 30's say that they like them. I don't really think that it has do with age, but more so with personal preference. I love 'em and I'm 21 ; The Rock loves em and he's 36.

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