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I hope I dont get shot for reviving such an old thread. I was doing a search for engine swaps.... Okay.. I'm 26, so Here is my list of cars within the past 9 years.

1981 Cougar (First car) LOL
1994 chev cavalier
1991 FOrd Mustang
1992 Ford mustang 5.0 (supercharged, heads, cam, intake) (had this for 3 years)
1991 escort gt black winter car
1991 escort gt white winter car
1991 dodge shadow winter car
1990 probe GT Turbo
1988 mustang 5.0 coupe
1988 mustang 5.0 hatch
1990 mustang 5.0
1993 Trans am 6spd LT1
1994 Mustang "saleen" supercharged
1995 Mustang GT daily
2001 dodge durango
2001 ford explorer w/20s
1993 Probe GT
1998 F150 (bought it while i was building my house)
1998 dodge dakota
1993 mustang 5.0
1991 mustang 5.0
1996 SVT Cobra
2001 Merc. Cougary V6
2001 Grand Am RAM Air GT
1994 Thunderbird SC
my current BMW now
and my 2001 focus daily
*EDIT* I remembred a 94 ford tempo somewhere in there. now to remember the last mystery car lol

This is in no order.. (just the way i remembered them) but pretty much figure it out from worst to nicest.. as "older to recently"

I'm missing 2 cars.. because the BMW is car #28. as you can tell.. I go through cars because of boredom. However, the reason i found this thread is because i was looking for engine swap ideas, or S/C /turbo ideas

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