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Yes I did! I might actually have a Power 650 and a Punch 150 around somewhere...I gave them to my bro when I "quit", but am not sure if he still has them. I wouldn't ask for them back even if he did I guess

I've been thinking about Soundstream Reference or Class A's, Orion SX's, Phoenix Gold M's and Zapcos. I see that Soundstrem is making new Reference amps too that are supposedly "as good" as the originals. I wonder if they solved the 1000SX and 10.0 Class A overheating issues?

I was also thinking about the OZ Audio separates, but ID has some new components coming out which should work well with horns, so I am going to run some Polk MMC6500s for the time being. I'll probably run them passive to start just because it's least they can be bi-amped on their x-overs.

I am kinda leaning toward the Alpine PDXs just because I want to try something "new" and they are small, but I picked up a Crossfire VR804 (4x100W) just to have something to run the doors with while I decide what I want for "permanent"

I am working on the driver side mid baffle now. The door panel on the driver side sits a bit higher, so I couldn't do an opposite copy exactly. I was hoping to breeze through that side, but it's taking just as much tweaking as the passenger side. Going back to it...
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