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F-U, I am in Austin and don't get to Houston very much unless I am passing through on I-10. It's definitely a stealth install since the mids/highs are behind the stock grills and I am using the stock HU. It's kinda hard to hide stuff in the trunk, but by the time I am done with it, I want everything out of sight behind removable panels.

Ash, I am cutting the metal, just not this weekend. Were you talking to Alex there? I used the stock tweet locations just due to time (need tunes for tomorrow). I am going to put HLCDs in as soon as I can, so I wasn't going to play around with custom positioning them one way or the other.

Signal might be better with LC8 or Cleansweep (it better be). Cleansweep is definitely nice, but a waste of $$ on this car and you have to use a separate volume control. If they gave the end user access to all those bands of EQ, I'd be more inclined! LC8, just about any other AC product can be used as a conveter+line driver so it's a waste too just for remote sensing. I was going to get a DQXS to use as an interface and might still, but I am not really digging that 2x20 VFD display and navigating through all bands to get to the one I want.

Anyway, I tapped before the amp, I don't need summing and I am using the remote from the stock amp to turn everything on

I'll post pics from today in bit...
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