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Yeah, that thing was a mofo to fit and is why the wiring goes up the wall instead of laying flat on top of the batt. If I took it out of the loop, I could lay the distro block on a board on top of the batt right between the + post and bracket and then run right out to the amp...would be a lot more compact.

I messed with phase real quick this morning and it may have sounded a hair clearer overall with only the passenger side mid out of phase, but what it did more was decentralize the imaging.

Of course last night I happen to come across a thread of people complaining they bought these speakers (Polks) after read great reviews on them only to find out they have little midbass LOL. They are clean and clear while going loud, that's for sure, but I might just have speakers that aren't as great in the midbass area as I hoped. Then again, the front/rear of the cones aren't sealed from each other yet because the doors aren't cut and the doors aren't deadened. I guess all of that could help a lot, or at least I hope so.
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