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Thanks for the pics guys! Derail all you will be Sat. before I touch anything on the install again...dang work getting in the way.

Mark, nice job on the amp rack/battery that just painted wood, plastic, composites? Nice Art series too My original plan was to mount mine flat on the batt with the + block between the + terminal and bracket on the - block on the other side. That would definitely be easier to integrate into a raised floor.

I want to be horny, but don't want to spend $900 on new CD2s, or $500 on CD1 Pros for that matter. Rob, get the Seas and sell me your Neos for like $300

I was greeted with semi-dead battery yesterday. I guess I played around with things a bit too long without starting. Everything shuts down with the key, so it wasn't a drain and the batt wasn't totally dead, just enough to not kick the starter. I found out when I got in the car to go to work, which is always a good time, LOL. Jumped it and it's been fine ever since, but I guess I gotta pay more attention to how long I mess around when the car is off.
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