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Originally Posted by 320de46m47 View Post
have you ever heard of marks and spencer in the uk? take anything youve bought there back for any reason (broken , dont like it, wrong colour you broke the zip doing up the fly etc etc) and theyll give you a refund. in fact you dont need a reason you dont even need a receipt. as a consequence they are one of the most successful retailers in the uk
Originally Posted by Philbert View Post
Have you heard of apples? They're JUST like oranges!

Originally Posted by Mike@Modbargains View Post
The first ring cost us $10 to send out in shipping costs.

The next ring costs us $35 in cost of the ring from our supplier plus $10 shipping cost.

So even sending you the new ring for $35, we are losing $20 total by replacing these. We send replacement rings (without housings) to our customers all the time and rarely does anybody have a problem putting the new ring in the housing.

We're sorry for the trouble you are having but I can't lose $55 total because you're breaking the rings when replacing them. If you came to a point in the replacement of the ring where you thought there might be a problem, you should have stopped, e-mailed us, and we would have helped you out with suggestions on how not to break it.

We have to draw the line somewhere on when free parts are given out, otherwise we won't be around in the long term to serve everyone here on E46Fanatics.
A ring gets sent to you automatically if something is broken during the initial shipment.

100% in agreement here.
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