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Originally Posted by hi its me alec View Post

I mean, yeah the hood will fit fine and open and close and whatnot... but there will be some fairly substantial gaps that I know I couldn't live with. Let us know how it turns out.
turns out pretty damn horrible, actually.

i was at a VERY well known body shop in los angeles almost all day today. they are pretty much the premier shop for beverly hills bmw and mercedes body work.

they spent all afternoon trying to make mike's hood fit on my car, no matter how much they pulled my fenders out to try to get it to fit, it just wouldn't.

i had plenty of room up front, but the closer it got to the windsheild, there just wasn't enough room.

in order to get it to fit, they said they'd need an entire day and basically to take apart the entire front end to slide the hood in properly.

it sucked. no hood for me.

the only hope (for me) is that mike has had SO much custom body work done, that his hood has been matched to fit his custom fenders and other parts up front... which would make it hard, to nearly impossible, to fit on my non-m front end. other than that, the other shot is that my front end is just not at the same spec as most e46's right from the factory.

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