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Originally Posted by freshprince2421 View Post

NO DRILLING! Drilled holes in rotors often used for "show" are prone to cracking and catastrophic failure. The holes create stress risers which will lead to this sort of failure. Additionally, drilled holes do not improve cooling, rotary-vane rotors lose efficiency when drilled because cooling air does not not pass through the rotor circumferentially but is instead prematurely evacuated by the holes.. "[/COLOR]

Hmmm if cross drilled rotors do no improve cooling and are prone to failure then why would any BBK use them?
Excellent question!

The rotors we use in the big brake kit are genuine BMW Motorsport rotors, which are apparently cast-perforated, not actually drilled.

The difference is that the holes are cast into the rotor, so the metallic grain structure (and therefore the strength) is not compromised as with conventional drilling.

Please note that we are in the process of updating our website pricing on brake rotors.

I think that you will find our new Gen2 black rotor regular pricing is better than "group buy" pricing for other brands.

New package options include SS lines, pads, fluid, at pricing below regular single-item pricing.

Please see: and click on your application for options. Please note - not all applications updated yet, if your listing does not show all options, please call us for pricing!

- Rob
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