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Originally Posted by ziggyE46 View Post

ur really pulling out the good stuff arent you? i have a nice collection of japanese car pic too but urs are much better....Most peeps in here wouldnt even know what most of those cars are. The AE86's, S13 and S14 are pretty popular now, but i really like the obscure stuff like the 240Z's,510's, Z31 300zx's and the Cefiro's. The old japanese cars had lots of character much like the older euro's
thanks man, nice to hear that from you... i would say that i have more luck than skills at finding these pics.. and here im thinking that u might have some better pics than those i find...

have u noticed anything? all the cars have the same wheels in different sizes and colors.. but still they look cool... the old designs are so sexy... anything fits on them...

i agree with u about people not knowing much about the old nissans... actually the AE86's costs almost 3 times more than they did before here in denmark... just like that the price went up..

sry for answering now.. i would have done it before.. went to Germany to buy some Coke (pepsi etc.) and chocolate...

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