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GeeTee: The pic is not of my actual car. But what it looks like. That is how my car looks with the wheels, color combo, etc. Except mine has the 03+ taillights. That was the only real visual difference from 03-06.

It was under Lemon (a dealer buyback) it has a few different names. Before I bought the car, I called MBUSA and gave them the VIN, and some other info. The gentlemen I spoke with said it had to do with a power windows issue. But couldn't get too specific. What sold me was after a while of reading something he said " From what I have here, there is nothing I see that would stop me from buying the car ". I have had the car for 7 months roughly, and have not had a problem at all. I just replaced the pads/rotors. Had the Service A done and the tires still have 85% tread conserv. The previous owner was a woman, and she had her friend sell it for her (he sells all high end vehicles). The women never experienced any problems. She was the 2nd owner and had it the majority of the car's life.

A Note to add: Many CL 500/600 were buybacks because of silly issues. You have to realize these cars were $95-135,000. They were also some of the 1st years they released this "supercar". So I am sure Mbenz were trying to get on the customers good graces.

If this car was a 6 spd manual - I would not be getting rid of it. It is by FAR the best car I have owned. Power, speed, handling, looks, luxury all in one. With air conditioned seats, suede roof, navi, and rear parking sensors. What more can you want. The car on the highway is an absolute bullet and is in phenomenal shape for an 01. And was driven only on average of 8500 miles a year. I almost beg you to check autotrader/ebay and see prices for an 01-02 CL600 with 40-60k miles sell for. There are a few in my price range, but they need services done soon which are $$$ and also might need tires, and when you replace pads you HAVE to replace rotors = $$$$. Plus you don't know who owned the car before if you buy from a dealer, and it very well is probably not in as great shape as this. The car might have dents, many deep scrapes, etc.

For 34k I don't see any other CL out there being a better buy, let alone a 600.

Heres a few pics I found, I forgot I had:

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