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Thanks guys.

So I've had this issue with posting pics before here. They are hosted at, and they were all there last night when I first posted...but then they turn into little white boxes with red x's in can still see them by right clicking, going to properties, and then pasting the URL into your browser, but that sucks...

Regarding hiding the wire - it's hidden - behind the cluster, and through the dash to the glove - maybe you guys didn't see the picture of that because it disappeared like the rest of the pics?

And also, regarding the dispaly - I have a manual shifter, and the spot to the right of the odometer does have some display info I believe, plus I wanted the arrows part to be closer to the center of the dash for better visibility.

ANYONE KNOW HOW TO POST PICTURES WITHOUT THEM DISAPPEARING? I took tons so this would be easy to follow - it sucks without the photos
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