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the fate of bmwplanet? (and self intro)

i'm a displaced refugee from bmwplanet
don't know what happened...
don't know how many of you are even aware of
i was introduced to e46fanatics by coldintake a while ago
but didn't register until now... since the 'planet seems to have died

anyone know?

and to introduce myself...
my name's edward... aka romeo
i drive a 2001 325i silver... no real mods... just retrofitted OEM xenons...
i'm currently bmw-less ... got hit by a drunk driver on 2/15/03... who took off in his car... but i ran after him on foot for 2 blocks and caught him... now his ass is in jail for hit&run, DUI, no license, no insurance
he blew a 0.15BAC at the station

and i happen to work for the LAPD (not a sworn officer)
he really messed with the wrong guy

my poor car's in the shop... with minimum $8000-$10,000 in damages... and my insurance will have to pick up the tab

so that's my short intro. hoping to find out what happened to bmwplanet... and to pick up some style m68 17" wheels from the 'for sale' section to replace my damaged wheels

Originally Posted by VaderDave
Fill that hole in your soul by buying more material goods
buy my sedan rear seats (gray leather)

sell me sedan A pillars!! (black fabric)

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