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My Ride: is totaled
so yeah... this bastard t-boned me going about 45mph... he ran his red ... he was like a full 2 seconds late
then he took off in his car, and i got out of my car and ran after him
caught up to him 2 blocks later because he was stuck in traffic
i jumped in front of his car and told him to get the f*** out of the car
i had my digital camera, so i took pics of his license plate and his face

he had the nerve to say "you hit me"
i said... "F*** YOU. if i hit you, why are you f-ing running away?"

anyway, LAPD responds and i happen to know both officers who showed up
they arrested his ass for hit&run and possible DUI... and he blew a 0.15BAC at the station

the guy at the body shop estimates $8000-$10,000 damage... perhaps more when they take the car apart... told me my axle and suspension's shot
i'm HOPING that there is more damage and that the car will be considered a total loss so i can get a new car... instead of getting a car back that's had that much damage

Originally Posted by VaderDave
Fill that hole in your soul by buying more material goods
buy my sedan rear seats (gray leather)

sell me sedan A pillars!! (black fabric)

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