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Originally Posted by Bimm325i View Post
^ i Live in Round Rock, Tx the 8th Safest city. If im walking down town i dont think ppl are gonna kick and scream running down the streets becasue they see a tiffany dog tag.

I didnt buy it cause it would make me look a " harder Baller GUY".

"Just bec it is from Tiffany & Co. does not make it classy"- Are you stupid, U walk into a tiifanys wearing nothing and the guy next to you has 5 items from tiffanys who do you think their gonna help out first? Not you buddy.

This world is SPLIT up into 5 classes, and i think you know what it is.

i look forward to more comments.......

Trust me...I walk into Tiffany & Co with nothing on...I'm gonna get attention before you...except maybe the gay guys...hmmm..nah them too.

Seriously though, you need to appreciate the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Rich is the guy wearing 5 things from Tiffany & Co...all flash. Wealthy is the guy in the Ralph Lauren button down shirt...untucked, khaki shorts, sandals and a timepiece (not a watch) going into the BMW dealership to pick up his new X5.

One is trying too hard for attention (ie look at me! see me!) with no class or style (nuvo riche)and the other is cultured, suave and sophisticated and feels no need to show off. The second guy is the guy who gets the attention and respect from everyone around him (women, salesmen...oh and did I mention women). The second guy has manly sex appeal; the first guy is a little boy trying to show off (no substance behind his "bling" -- works for gold diggers and magpies).
I like boys, but if you're a girl and cute enough I can be persuaded...

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