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Originally Posted by dirsh View Post
the fit is perfect. I had to screw 3 screws on the bottom of it to attach it to the battery cover. The W7 was too deep for it though. The magnet was hitting the bottom. I was pretty pissed because this enclosure is supposedly made specifically for that sub. I had a shop make an mdf ring to raise the speaker a lil. As for sound it sounds great. This is the best sounding sub I have ever had. With the back seat down it can hit as hard as my 2 12s on some songs. It rattles my license plate like crazy. Doesn't bother me cuz I can't hear it inside the car but I think i'm going to put some foam on it to stop the rattling. I am/was a big basshead who until recently was only satisfied with the bass from 2 12s. I am very happy with this sub and kind of happy with the box. I get a lot of compliments about how good my sub sounds.

The 10W7 doesn't fit????? Not good....How large of a ring did you have to make to fit the sub? Is it noticable (any pics)? I believe there is a minimum distance that is required between the back of the sub's magnet and the enclosure. Can't seem to find it on JL's website....any thoughts? TIA!!
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