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Pics are worth a thousand words..... still kinda sucks you had to go through that. Couple more questions for you:
1. Do you have any idea how much just the magicbox weighs?
2. Do you have to shoot holes through the battery cover to mount the box or do you remove it?
3. How tight of a fit is it -> does it move around during "spirited" driving?

I'm trying to minimize weight and I love the idea of saving trunk space but am torn between the w6v2 and the w7. The magicbox is ~ 1.25 cubic feet, which is over twice the volume rec'd by JL for the w6v2 and I haven't found anything similar to use w/ the w6 (and fiberglass is definitely not my idea of a fun DIY). Also, if I got the w6, I could just use the 500/5 and not have to worry about multiple amps (a little underpowered, I know, but it would probably work). Any thoughts?
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