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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Maybe I'm nitpicking, but if your sub doesn't fit without a .5" spacer ring, I suspect that you have less than 1" behind the pole vent. You need at least 1" behind the pole vent to get adequate cooling. Otherwise, you can overheat the coil (aka fry it) in a high power application. Then you'll be looking at a $250+ repair bill.

JL rates the power handling of their subs at exactly what they can handle. If you approach their published limit, the pole vent has to be unobstructed.

You can reduce the internal volume with some styrofoam.
WRT the pole vent, that's what I seem to remember....

As far as reducing the internal volume, I'd need to get down to about .625 cubes - that's a lot of styrofoam. Is that even possible?

As I said above, I'm looking to save trunk space, minimize weight gain and get some decent bass. I DON"T want to use an enclosure that is the wrong volume for the driver I've chosen (e.g. too big of box = boomy sound). And I defnitely don't want to fry the driver. I've heard both the w7 and w6v2; to me, the w6 just sounds better.

So, as it stands: with Dirsh's box, using the w7 I'd run into the spacer and possible overheating issue. Same box using the w6, I'd have to find a way to make the driver "see" a smaller enclosure and might still not have at least an inch behind the pole vent (event though the w6 sits an inch shallower).

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